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Our Products

Pumpkins  ·  Watermelons  ·  Broccoli  ·  Lettuce   Washed Potatoes  ·  Parsnips  ·   Cauliflower

Each product we grow has a prime season in the Lockyer Valley and we aim to produce our product during this time.



Windolf Farms has been producing Broccoli since 1999 and is a stable product line which is also a great rotation crop for our program and is packed at our packing shed facilities.  Supply from April to October.



Windolf Farms has been producing Lettuce since 1999.  We are proud of our product and always strive to produce the highest quality.  We also have facilities to bag and wrap Lettuce.  Supply from April to October.


Washed Potatoes

Windolf Farms harvests potatoes for the washed market from August to November.

  We continue to expand our variety portfolio to ensure we can continue supply to our existing and future customers. 



Windolf Farms started producing parsnips in 2012 and with a lot of hard work and dedication we are now a quality Queensland supplier of Parsnips from June to February.


Windolf Farms started producing Cauliflower in 2017.  It is a new product line for us which we are determined to produce good quality from May to October.


Windolf Farms produces Jarrahdale, Kent and Butternut Pumpkins.  Supply from December to May.


Windolf Farms produces Seedless Watermelons from November to January.


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